Coaching – A Gift for the Whole Family?

It is that time of year when family members are thinking of what to buy a loved one. For many fathers, who have sons in their 20s, that gift may be a trip, a computer, or a luxury item bought at the nearest department store.

Recently, I was approached by a father who was interested in investing in the support of a Career and Business Coach. The father, a former Entrepreneur, who has experience as a Senior Technology Sales Representative, was referred by his cousin, a former client of mine, to learn about my Coaching services for him and his sons, and to determine the value of these services for the three of them.

The father is at a stage in his life – late 50s – in which he is thinking that the next phase of his work career may be his final job before he retires. He has enjoyed his career in Sales and he is interested in finding work, whereby he can make a valuable contribution to an organization, offering his skills and experience to employers. At the same time, he would like to find work for the
last 5 years of his working career in a higher paying position with more management and leadership responsibilities.

“Dad’s” two sons have interests and careers in two different fields. Both young men are university graduates with experience working in their respective fields. One son has been working in the financial industry over the last several years; he is interested in shifting his career path into another industry using a different skill set. Another son, an excellent writer, has experience writing for different organizations. He is looking for more work as a Writer where his
skills, passion and interests are.

All three family members agreed that although they have expertise in their respective fields, they would benefit from the skills and experience of an objective Coach who could collaborate with each of them to work towards and secure their goals.

So 6 months ago, “Dad” and his 2 sons made the trip from another part of the city to meet me for the first time. They were interested in finding out more about the Coaching services that I offer and how these services could benefit all of them. They wanted to know more about my background as a coach, who have been my clients, and what training, skills and experience that I have. I wanted to learn more about each family member. All of us – the family of 3 and I – were interested if there was enough rapport and comfort level for each of them to individually work with me.

We had a very good introductory meeting. I am now happy to say that I work with all 3 of them as Coaching clients. I have focused my Coaching skills to approach the different issues of each client from this family. I have considered the challenges and goals of all three clients and I have provided my expertise as a Coach to meet the needs of each family client to work towards his business, career and life goals.

So at this time of year, when families are considering what gift to buy for their relatives and friends, I recommend that you buy a gift that will be long lasting, forward thinking and helpful to your loved ones to reach their short and long term objectives. Coaching for a family will be a worthwhile gift or investment that can be helpful now, during the holiday season and into the New Year of 2015.


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