The Benefits of Mock Interviews

So you worked hard and you were able to get an interview. How confident are you that when you are asked one of the important questions you will give the best possible answer and persuade the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job?

Going for a job interview without having a mock interview can be compared to jumping using a parachute without proper preparation. (I am not sure how many of you would like to parachute jump but my client and now friend, gave me this great comparison. I am not even sure if she would ever parachute jump herself. lol I do think that analogies of interviews and parachute jumping can be made.)

So many things can go wrong. So many mistakes could cost you that job, and most of them could be avoided by properly preparing and practicing for the interview. By doing a mock interview, you can build your confidence for the actual interview, ensure that you exceed the expectations of the interviewer and the best – and honest – feedback before the real job interview happens.

You should start with preparing answers to the most common questions. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, and some weak points in your careers that may interest the interviewer ( did you have a gap between the jobs? Did you leave a job too quickly? Were you laid off?) . Write the answers and read them out loud. Do they sound good?

Now is the time to bounce them off another person, preferable an experienced interviewer or Career Coach. Only then, will you have a good idea how well your answers are perceived and accepted by others. The ” Mock Interviewer” can point out inconsistencies in your body language with your answers. The Interviewer can share with you the weak points in your answers ( You want to persuade the real interviewer, don’t you?).

Did you effectively express the actions you did in your job and what were the results of your work? By practicing with an experienced interviewer, you will be told what you did not do well and what other things that you are now doing that could harm you in the real interview situations. You do want to find your mistakes in advance and fix them? Don’t you?

“Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, says the proverb. When required, you have to think fast and be “quick on your feet”. There will be no time to think what to say and what to keep to yourself. That’s where mock interviews are invaluable.



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