Do I need an Executive Recruiter or a Career Consultant?

Is there a Difference between an Executive Recruiter or a Career Consultant?

In the years that I have worked as Career Consultant, I have been asked many times by clients in Canada, and from other countries, if I as a Career Consultant, can find and secure them jobs.

I have told them many times that I am not a Recruiter, rather I am like a personal Career Coach, but I call myself a Career Consultant

I have spent a lot of time fielding questions from potential clients.  When they look on my web site or on my LinkedIn profile, they say they are interested in my services.

When I explained to them that there is a cost to my services, sometimes, they have indicated that recruiters do not charge for their services.

In a discussion with another Career Consultant recently about this, the opinion was shared with me that perhaps in other countries, Career Consultants are not common practice. So at present, it may not be the practice to hire consultants to support them or provide expertise to them. It is something that they may not be used to – the idea of hiring a Career Coach or Career Consultant to work collaboratively with them and provide the support to them in their career search.

Is it only Internationally Educated Professionals who are reluctant to use Career Consultants?

No. There are many people who think that they never need consultants or professionals to support them or provide expertise to them. Some people, rather do their own taxes rather than pay an Accountant who has the knowledge and expertise of the tax laws and ways that they can save money in the long-term. Some people will try to save themselves money from using lawyers, plumbers, electricians and other professionals in specific fields by doing the work themselves, only in the end spending more time – and often wasting their time, efforts and even more money.

None of us, as much as we would like to be, can be specialists in all areas. In the same way, we need the expertise of professionals to help us with our taxes, we need specialists to help prepare our career research tools – resumes, cover letters, and interview skills – and to provide advice and strategies to us in making changes in our careers or finding new jobs.

I know first hand the importance of securing the support of Career Consultants. Before I developed the expertise as a Career Consultant, I, myself, sought out the support of Career Professionals to help me when I finished university and moved to Toronto. Even today, I appreciate speaking to other Career Consultants to get their opinions, guidance and support.

Other people think why would anyone pay for the services of a Career Consultant – after all, is it not the role of a Recruiter to secure a job for those job seekers?

I do recommend that my clients register with Recruiters but job seekers should not expect that this is the only action that is necessary to secure work in their professional fields. According to statistics, only 10 – 15 % (statistics may vary depending upon the source) of job seekers in Canada, actually find jobs through Recruiters.

The majority of other people secure new jobs and work opportunities from conducting effective work search campaigns through making effective messages in e-mails and LinkedIn messages to employers, implementing a very good work search campaign, networking and searching the so-called hidden job market.

Conducting a work search by oneself can be very difficult. By working with a Career Consultant, he/she will be in a better position to ensure that you do everything in your power to maximize your efforts and save you time in your work search. Even in the best of economic times, there can be competition for finding a job. A little money for a Career Consultant can help you to increase your probability of success and make the investment worth it.


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